State of content marketing survey released by Zazzle Media

Marketing professionals are struggling to convince decision makers about the worth of content marketing, according the state of content marketing survey released by Zazzle Media.

The survey, which reached out to a pool of marketing professionals, showed that many did not value content marketing due to a mixture of high expectations and a lack of focus in ROI. The main frustration for those surveyed was not being able to prove the effectiveness of content marketing, with only 1 in 5 polled confident that campaigns were using ‘best practice’.

The survey concluded that in order to prove a campaign’s success, marketers would need to set defined marketing goals, plan content to achieve certain goals, plan and resource effectively across a project and be consistent in measuring objectives.

Founder and managing director of Zazzle Media Simon Penson said: “Having fought the corner for digital content since 2008 we can honestly say that it’s been a long and arduous journey but the nation’s top marketers are now putting it front and centre of their plans. That competition is, however, asking serious questions of many strategies and only the very best are now achieving the cut through both need and desire. “

The full report can be found here.

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