Need to improve your office automation? Need to know what it actually means? Well, it refers to the varied computer machinery and software used to digitally create, collect, store, manipulate, and relay office information needed for accomplishing basic tasks

Looking to buy?

Then don’t. We can supply leases on PCs, Apple laptops, iMacs and much more, all top of the range products.

Optimise and organise

Office automation helps in optimising or automating existing office procedures leading to a happy crew.

Still using post its?

Well, we know through our strategy work how useful post-it notes can be, but really there’s no need to use them to communicate internally.


With all your shiny new gear, you can spend the time you’ve saved concentrating on the things you like doing best


“We were still using a lot of paper based systems and excel spreadsheets that weren’t centralised before we were introduced to Redcube who offered us a variety of top of the range equipment which has basically changed the way we do business”



“Redcube – I can’t recommend them enough! Nice people and really know their stuff. They come in and discuss your needs and what is and isn’t working and then tailor an office automation system that suits you. We’ve ended up saving thousands of pounds with this new, efficient approach”


“We leased a range of PCs, Apple laptops and iMacs from Redcube. They were efficient, friendly and reasonable on price which was a welcome surprise. I would suggest if you are a business that is limping along using old equipment to give them a call”


“I’ve used asset finance before and I thought that after the sale with Redcube that I wouldn’t hear from them again until the contract was going to be renewed. How wrong I was. They were there to ask how things were going and to offer quick service if things went wrong. We’re really happy with them”

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