What is digital marketing? Is it paid ads? Social media? Content? Well, yes, it can be all of things, but the key thing about marketing of any kind is that ‘the message, is the message, is the message’, no matter what the medium. At Redcube Creative, we are experts in creating the right marketing campaign that can work for your business across multi-channels; from visual communication to digital marketing.

Content is King

And Queen. Our strategic approach to marketing means we’ve researched and considered which channels will work for you when publishing content.

Let’s get social

Everyone seems to think they can ‘do’ social media these days. But it’s a skill that needs to be managed properly. We can coach and create great social content for your business.

To pay or not to pay

That is the question. Not everyone needs an app and not everyone needs paid ads. But some do. We’ll tell you if you need them and create compelling, measurable campaigns.

Measure & improve     

We ensure our work is accountable by measuring through social metrics, Google Analytics and, most important of all, your sales.

Return on investment

“Redcube’s digital marketing services have really turned our business around. We used to sit and stare at the screen wondering what content to post, but having those guys involved has been an education and the business is reaping the rewards”


Impact marketing

“The great thing about Redcube is that they listen to what you want and then tailor their marketing to fit your strategic aims. Sounds like everyone should do it that way, but in our experience it’s not the case!”

Paid ads and results

“We used Redcube Creative for a paid ad campaign across Google and Facebook. The results were excellent. As they predicted, Google Ads produced good ROI whilst the Facebook PPC got our brand and message out to the right audience”

Integrated campaigns 

“Marketing needs to join up across all platforms for it to be effective. Whether that’s an outdoor campaign, radio, and more traditional routes as well as online. The best thing about working with Redcube is that they are experienced in both fields and know how to create impactful campaigns.”

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